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What Makes Northern Different From The Rest?



Let's start with related experience.


In Windsor & Essex County, you'll find that many of the building inspectors have no building related experience at all. There are many unexpereinced "home inspectors" who are just looking to make "fast money" or suppliment their ncome. The same cannot be said about Northern Inspections. Owner Stephan Tremblay has worked over half of his life performing high-end renovations, luxury home building and building inspections. He has taken in-class training at private institutions across Ontario, onsite training and had procured multiple veteran mentors when transitioning from home building to home inspection. In fact, he is the ONLY inspector in Essex County with a backround in complete residential construction! Stephan is healthy and active, in his thirties and utilizes this during his inspections to give you the best service possible. He has accumilated hundreds of hours of technical and classroom training, and has inspected thousands of properties in his career and counting. In August of 2012, Stephan was given the highest designation obtainable in North America.

The prestigious Certified Master Inspector designation.



Now, let's talk about the inspection itself.


There are many "bare minimum home inspectors" in the area to choose from. They will come to the property and walk around for 30-45 minutes. They will not walk an accessible roof, enter a traversable attic, or crawl on their stomachs in an accessible crawlspace. They will not open the furnace or the electrical panel. They will open and close one window per room and test one electrical outlet per room. They will also not inspect a detached garage, unless you are willing to pay more. They most certainly will not provide a swimming pool inspection as they have not been trained for it. They arrive at the property with a camera and a pen and hand you a pre-made printed report in a cheap binder or a checklist report at the end. Need mould tested? Confirmation of asbestos? Thermal Imaging to check for hidden leaks? Unfortunately those services would not be available. There are many things they will not do,  be certain they will charge you top dollar for their time.


You deserve the best value for your dollar. Northern arrives at every inspection with an arsenal of tools. We are ready with our ladders to access any roof with a safe-to-walk pitch. We enter every accessible attic and will get dirty to inspect the crawlspace. We use infrared thermal imaging at every inspection to check for hidden foundation leaks that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars to repair. We have taken specific technical training and have been certified in thermography. When we use the thermal camera, we know exactly what we are looking at. We do digital moisture readings at any water stain, check for signs of previous leaks, look for mould, open your furnace, remove electrical panel covers, open & close every accessible window and door. We inspect every accessible inch of the property from footings to rain caps. We are working for you to ensure that you will not be remorseful after buying your new home. We invest thousands of dollars every year into education, training and equipment because we plan on being your first choice home inspection provider for years to come.  

A house, an apartment building, a shopping plaza or a factory...we inspect it all.

If quality, caring and professionalism is what you are looking for, then look no further.


"A Home Inspector's education should compliment his work experience, not be relied on as his primary introduction"